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Alig to show at Deborah Berke Partners Studio in NYC

Posted on Apr 22, 2016


A Certain kind of Eden, 2016

Acrylic and Ink on okawara Paper

54 x 38 inches Inches


Dorothy Stites Alig  will be exhibiting  at Berke’s Architectural Studio in the Flatiron District in Manhattan this Summer. 

This body of work, titled Kill Your Darlings, refers to the adage often given to poets, writers and painters that you must be willing to sacrifice a precious line of text or especially lovely area of a painting in order for it to work as a whole. 

In this work  Alig explores symbolically sacrificing  old memories  in order to  create new images, maybe even a new life.


The opening reception will be on June 16th and the exhibit will continue through the Summer, closing on August 21st.  Visitors are welcome but asked to contact the DBP studio at 212-229-9211 in advance.

SPIN reception

Posted on Mar 25, 2015


March 6th, 2015

Artist's reception

Indianapolis Star: Staff picks for 2015

Posted on Feb 08, 2015

The Star is making an effort to provide more arts coverage. Bravo. 

Thanks for mentioning my upcoming show!

White River Studio in Art in Print

Posted on Feb 08, 2015

Just discovered this mention of my work in the current issue of Art in Print--one of my favorite art magazines. 

Image of an Intaglio print with Chine Colle from the Jung series


Posted on Jan 31, 2015

Reception for the Artist

Basile Gallery

Herron School of Art And Design

March 6, 2015 (IDADA first Friday!)

6-8 pm


Posted on Jan 31, 2015






    Blue Dervish, 2015  



Basile Gallery

Herron School of Art and Design/IUPUI

February 28-March 28, 2015


Dorothy Stites Alig uses images and experiences  gathered over 10 days in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014 as the point of departure for a  visual exploration of  a specific verb. The  word “Spin” describes both the mesmerizing aesthetics of Islamic architecture, in particular the major mosques  (Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque), which  have a dizzying effect on the visitor to the controlled meditative spin of the whirling dervish.  “Spin” also describes the way the Islamic culture is often presented to the west though photojournalism.  Finally, a bizarre twist leads from the pattern of the dervish’s skirt while twirling to the Coriolis effect,  a phenomenon physicists have identified as a model for hurricane dynamics. 

Two Ghazals opens at Heartland Printworks

Posted on May 03, 2012



1028 North Capitol Ave


Suite B100


Indianapolis, IN 46202


317 822 1800


First Friday, May 4th. 5 - 9 pm


Opening Reception for exhibition




Dorothy Stites Alig: TWO GHAZALS


Opening reception for the artist is on Friday, May 4th, 2012 from 5 - 9 pm, in conjunction with IDADA First Friday.

The show will be up through the month of May during regular business hours and by appointment.


For more information please contact Telene Edington

317 590 6513



Posted on Aug 31, 2011


Summer studio time leads to Fall exhibits!  This year I am fortunate to be included in several group shows.  My work will be shown at the following galleries:


  • The Space Gallery, Tayu Group show, Denver CO, September 25-mid October
  • wUg lAku Garage and Studio, IDADA Juried show, Indianapolis (through late September)
  • Edington Gallery,  Group Show,  Three Oaks, MI (through October)


In addition, The Indiana State Museum will be opening an exhibit of Recent Acquisitions in October, which will include my aquatint, Negotiating the Elements, acquired by the museum last year. 

chatter II

Posted on Aug 31, 2011

chatter II

Dorothy Stites Alig prints at Garvey Simon Art Access

Posted on Jun 06, 2011


I am honored to be included in this show curated by Melanie Warner at Garvey Simon Art Access.  

The other three printmakers are affiliated with Pace Editions in New York and their work is phenomenal. 


Here is a link for more info about this inspiring new gallery in Indianapolis.

Dorothy Stites Alig at Gallery 924

Posted on Jun 06, 2011

Gallery 924 show           


Nocturnal Noon, my first solo show at Gallery 924 at the Indianapolis Arts Council, closed on May 29, 2011. 

Nuvo published a very positive review on May 16th, giving the work 4.5 stars out of five.   Thanks to

everyone who came out to support me and my work.  I am looking forward to getting back to the studio! 

Digital Prints as Fine Art

Posted on May 12, 2011


I am conducting a workshop on May 14, 2011 with Robert Eagerton and Mary Shaw, Founder and Director, respectively, of Heartland Press (photo), an amazing facility at the Stutz Building, in downtown Indianapolis.   We have thirty participants and had to turn a few away, so it looks like digital printing has arrived as a new tool for artists!  We define a fine art digital print as one that only exists in a digital format until printed. In other words, it is not a scan or photo of an existing painting, etc but something created specifically for the pigment printer.  






Nocturnal Noon

Posted on May 01, 2011


I never imagined that I would develop a body of work based on Las Vegas but that is precisely what I have spent the last nine months doing.   Why Vegas?  When I visited there a few years ago I was most intrigued by the night landscape and I took a lot of photographs.  I was also thinking about the illusionary nature of the place. Not a reference to David Copperfield but to the fact that once you’ve been there you have this vague feeling (hopefully fleeting) that might have actually seen the Eiffel Tower or Venice.  Then there is also the fact that the casinos intentionally maintain daylight conditions inside 24/7 so you have no sense of time.  This last point is really the idea behind Nocturnal Noon in which I took nighttime images and converted them to daylight.

I the applied the same process to some of my other favorite cities—New Orleans, New York and Indianapolis to explore the specific night time character of each.

A new vocabulary of forms resulted when I took a bright neon light against a dark sky and inverted it (digitally) to become an inky spot against a brilliant pale background.  For me these forms are both vaguely familiar and somehow otherworldly.  In the end, all of the images in these painted prints are either reflected light or light at its source—nothing else!! That is a notion that really interests me. 


New Work

Posted on Dec 25, 2010


       NOLA1                         NOLA2                       NOLA3                   


I’m immersed in developing a new body of work that will be shown in May 2011 at Gallery 924, the gorgeous new space that is managed by the Indianapolis Arts Council and curated by Shannon Linker.   A few small studies from the new series are shown here.


This work explores the nocturnal energy of several exciting cities--Las Vegas, New York and New Orleans.   Using digital images I took on site and inverting the light and dark colors and adding subjective color to the modified images, I am interesting in seeing if the distinctive character of each city, famous for it’s night “life” will reveal itself.  


The process combines multiple layers of digital imagery on Japanese paper and acrylic paint.   The process is the result of my search for a method of making multilayered images that is more direct and energetic that the traditional chine colle  method I have used in the past, while still preserving the beautiful surface of the Japanese paper. 

Indiana State Museum acquires Alig print

Posted on Dec 25, 2010

Negotiating the Elements (7)

        The Indiana State Museum, recently acquired one of my prints 

        “Negotiating the Elements (7), 2007” from an private collector

         in Indianapolis.

         The aquatint on hand-toned paper, shown on the left, will

         become part of the Museum’s permanent collection.

Prints from the Jung series at the Wright Gallery

Posted on Jun 10, 2010


This winter has been very productive. I have been exploring Carl Jung’s The Red Book, the iconic psychologist’s amazing personal diary and dream sketchbook that was published for the first time this year.  I became especially interested in the fact that Jung was one of the first to outline a system of describing personality types—much of his work is now familiar to many because of the Myers-Briggs personality type analysis.   The series of 16 prints includes one print of each of the 16 possible personality profiles.  It has been a rewarding project both because it was a  challenge to represent Jung’s ideas visually and because it has generated a lot of interesting conversation amongst family and friends about which personality profile we respond to or see in ourselves.

Three prints from the 2010Jung series will be featured at the Wright Gallery in Northport Michigan throughout the summer.  


Edington Gallery Show

Posted on Dec 02, 2009

Telene Edington, formerly with Ruschman Gallery, announced a group show of the work of local and regional artists at a temporary gallery site—Midland Art and Antique Market in Downtown Indianapolis. The show will open on December 4th, 2009 and remain up for the month of December. Dorothy Stites Alig is a featured artist.

So Long Ruschman Gallery

Posted on Oct 09, 2009

Sadly, Mark Ruschman closed his gallery in Indianapolis in August 2009, just shy of his 25th anniversary in the business.  This is a huge loss for the community, and especially for artists and collectors.
I already miss the satisfying professional relationship that I enjoyed for a few years with Mark and Telene Edington (assistant gallery director) and I look forward to seeing how they will choose to use their very positive and nurturing qualities—hopefully to continue to enrich the cultural life of Central Indiana. 
For the time being please use the contact link on my home page to e-mail me for more information about my work. 
September 2009

Ruschman “Portfolio 1”

Posted on Feb 28, 2009

Winter 2009
Ruschman “Portfolio 1” on view at Ruschman Gallery, 948 N. Alabama St. Indianapolis

        PEG FIERKE
        TOM KEESEE

This is a portfolio of digital prints by these six artists. 
What is a digital print? In this case it is a work of art that doesn’t exist except in a digital file on a computer—until it is printed on a pigment printer. It is not a reproduction of an existing art work but an entirely new printmaking process. The edition of 35 prints was printed at Virtu Fine Arts in Indianapolis.